meet the founder

Imeleta Lia-Norris

Imeleta Lia-Norris


Imeleta brings to the table a rich tapestry of skills and experiences that make her stand out in any crowd. As a dedicated mother of four, she thrives on fostering and promoting community growth. Her unique combination of being an accomplished multi-instrumental musician and visual artist allows her to blend creativity with her passion for advocacy. This melodic blend is further enriched by her plant-based lifestyle, which fuels her deep empathy for animals and a commitment to nurturing and caring for the environment.

Over the past decade, Imeleta has left an indelible mark by working closely with young people facing complex health challenges and contributing to Skilling Queensland initiatives such as Get Set For Work. Her unique approach, which blends creativity and empathy, has enabled her to connect with these individuals on a profound level. By offering guidance and support, she has played a vital role in their personal and professional development.

A true trailblazer in her advocacy work, Imeleta dedicates substantial time to empowering women of diverse cultural backgrounds. Whether leading parenting groups or mentoring sessions, her influence is widespread and deeply felt. She is the founder of several different initiatives, including Women of Culture in Business, Hula Hips, a cultural dance school—which is now run by her daughter—and Manumea, a Multicultural Mental Health Arts & Therapies Collective, to name a few. These initiatives have played a pivotal role in building women’s capacity, helping them achieve their goals, and even inspiring some to start their own businesses. Her unyielding commitment to advocating for women, young people, and those dealing with complex mental health issues is a testament to her greatest strengths.

Pursuing opportunities that align with her multifaceted expertise, Imeleta is ever eager to contribute her unique combination of creative prowess, nurturing spirit, and unwavering dedication to creating positive change. Through her diverse ventures and impactful community involvement, she stands as a luminary figure, inspiring all those who cross her path.